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about me

Dedicated creative professional with a wealth of proven experience in marketing, social media management, content generation, writing, and design. My background is varied, and with that comes the ability to turn my hand to most any task at hand. I'm a graphic designer, freelance writer, and a brand curator - but utilizing time and talents to promote great businesses is what it's all about.

work experience

Marketing Director, Present

The Astor Building, LLC - Astoria, Oregon

As Marketing Director for the Astor Building, LLC, I am responsible for the creation and implementation of multiple advanced strategic marketing models for two successful hotels, a sought-after event space, and a high-end construction company. I work with a team of highly professional individuals who consistently inform and aid my efforts to promote and progress the businesses in my purview. I have designed new websites for each of the subsidiaries within the Astor Building umbrella. By utilizing the latest, most engaging marketing methods - including social media management, innovative content creation, a strong push for content marketing, and an ever expanding network of influencers, photographers, and local partnerships - I believe I, along with my team, have created and continue to foster a cohesive culture for each company that seamlessly reflects the objectives of the owner.

Library Marketer/Brand Creator, 2006 - 2017

Astoria Public Library - Astoria, Oregon

Aside from my primary duties at the Astoria Public Library, I also took on the role of increasing brand awareness and visibility on behalf of the library with a system I devised that is applicable to any non-profit or academic organizations. My system involved my design of a new, bolder logo, community call-to-action campaigns, content generation at every level - including an often weak component of teen-engagement - and the addition of social media

Staunton Public Library - Staunton, Virginia

Athens Regional Library System - Athens, Georgia

Jefferson Public Library - Jefferson, Georgia

I began my career in libraries at the Jefferson Public library. I spent two years learning the intricate details of the library from cataloging and inter-library loans to several library-specific computer programs and extensive reader advisory.

Freelance Writer/Social Media Strategist 2009 - Present

United States, International

From large corporations to individuals and small business, I've worked with a unique variety of people in a wide range of places as a freelancer. From doing a small brand rework in a flower shop in the Florida Keys to generating content for a large corporations overseas, I gain satisfaction not from the size and scope of an organization, but from the knowledge that my work does and will make a difference as they seek to progress in more areas of their businesses and causes. 

I currently manage five Instagram accounts, including my own and have been at the helm of countless others. Collectively, I've gained over 8,000 genuine followers for my clients through organic efforts that consistently return and continue to engage in content. 

Take a look at a few of the accounts below to get a sense of content and strategy for individual companies.



Special Skills

I'm a marketer that is well-known for generating my original content, so I have an extensive arsenal of creativity from which I continually pull. I am a born writer - many of my pieces can be found throughout various online magazines, journals, news outlets, and blogs.


Although I am also a professional photographer, I often defer to others for certain content as my keen sense of color and composition often wins out over my photographic egoism. 

My use of inventive design as I work through logos, aesthetic style-guides, building colors, and website layout has been the foundation of my graphic design career. I am no illustrator by nature, but design has been a compelling element that I have mined over years of necessity. 

I also paint in acrylics and oils, examples of my work - as well as my other design work - can be found in my portfolio.

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